Winter Safety for Pets

Winter is once again approaching.  As the environment changes so do risks for our animals. Frostbite is seen every year in most vet clinics.  If animals are outdoor animals then proper shelter and warmth should be provided. Cleaning snow, salt and sand from out pets feet will help prevent irritation.  Neighborhood cats and wildlife love to climb into a parked car engine due to its warmth. Bang on the hood before starting your car to wake any sleeping critter. Antifreeze is very toxic and spills should be cleaned up right away.  Exercise for out pets is still very important but being careful in icy areas can prevent some injuries from ruining an otherwise wonderful winter walk.  For more information, contact your veterinary care team.

The holidays are also around the corner. Common injuries occur with some pets and Christmas trees or decorations.  Ingestion of wrapping material, new toys, getting into the garbage for good tasting things and access to chocolate can all be concerning.  Make your house a happy and safe holiday environment for you and your pet.  

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