Pet Food Recall

Recently there has been a large  pet food recall from Diamond Pet Foods (  This company manufactures many brands of pet foods sold in most retail stores. If your are feeding a diet sold anywhere other than a veterinary clinic I urge you to go to the above web site and verify if your diet is on the recall list.  Food safety is in the forefront these days in both human and animal health.  When purchasing a diet for your pet, discuss nutritional needs and benefits with either a certified canine or feline nutritionist or your veterinary team. These individuals have been trained in pet nutrition and have access to specialists in the industry.  They can guide you through the marketing quagmire and make sure you understand the information on pet food labels (which is often unclear) and discuss the safety implications of certain choices.  Once you have done your research with your pet care team, make sure your food company has proper safety protocols in place that are followed stringently. Some companies are excellent and readily share information with veterinary clinics. Also, make sure your food company is transparent about their nutritional information.  Why purchase a product from a company that is not willing to share information with you so that you are able to make an informed choice?

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