Why pick up dog poop?

I have been asked recently about the importance of picking up after our dogs on walks and also have had numerous conversations about the fact that more and more people seem to be not picking up their dogs poop. This is especially evident in the winter and the snow melts we can truly see how much dog poop there is out there! Walking dogs in parks people say things like ‘well as long as it is not on the path!’. Funny thing about this is that other dogs also go off the path and what do they hone in on - other wonderful smells like dog poop!

Picking up poop is firstly a good part of responsible pet ownership. It is also just being a good neighbour whether you are walking in a neighbourhood or using a public space that other people use (park or trail).

Secondly - what can dogs transmit through their stool? Here are the main few:

1. parasites; hook worms and round worms especially.
2. bacteria including Clostridium, Salmonella and Campylobacter and some of the so called superbugs such as MRSP - this is actually becoming more commonly found.

The above are all things that can infect other dogs as well as people. Be proactive. Clean up after your own dog. Be a responsible pet owner and a good neighbor and please remember to wash your hands. 

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