Christmas Trees and Pets

Many people have concerns with holiday decorations but most questions are to do with Christmas trees.

  1. plan location - near a plug so no long electrical cords and not in centre area so will not get knocked over.
  2. prepare area - put down plastic bag to catch needles for easy clean up lowering risk of chewing them.
  3. secure the tree - cats climb and dogs run into things - lowers that risk.
  4. hide electric cords to prevent chewing, electrocution, tripping.
  5. no hooks - some pets chew these.
  6. safe ornaments - pets may consider these toys.
  7. ribbons and tinsel can be ingested causing obstructions.
  8. presents - do not put wrapped food under the tree that could be chewed up…especially chocolate!
  9. supervise - many pets will not have issues with trees but some need more supervision than others!

If you have any questions about your holiday decorations, please contact your veterinary team.

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